Cannabis Curing Product - Patented and Industry Disruptive

Established: 2018

Business Description

Early stage company available for purchase with a patented Cannabis curing solution that is currently in the marketplace and enjoying great success. Developed specifically by growers for growers, to ensure flower quality never regresses, this solution has experienced continuous sales growth since inception. Humidity and temperature levels can be monitored regularly, without the need to manually handle the product, minimizing the introduction of impurities and product damage from human contact. Curing with this product improves taste and aroma, while increasing potency and density, and the shelf life of the flower. The device reduces the risk of product loss due to mold and other impurities, common in traditional curing methods. The product container is placed horizontally on its side and stored on racks, similar to wine or whiskey barrels; an efficient use of space which also eliminates the time consuming chore of stacking and unstacking bins. Other product features reduce the risk of over drying and aid in the identity and organization of different strains. The product comes in multiple sizes and can be effectively used by all growers, from small craft growers to industrial manufacturers. Numerous anecdotal industry and user reviews are available. High profit margins. In addition to the purchase price a royalty will be put in place. NDA and POF required.

Detailed Information

  • Facilities:

    The product is manufactured and orders are fulfilled in three strategically chosen states for efficiency and minimized shipping costs. All orders currently are received on line through the company's website. A sales force could enhance revenues.

  • Competition:

    This product is the most affordable, effective and simplest in its class. The competition includes at least two very expensive solutions, with complex electronics and software, requiring continual updates and a power source. These solutions use racks to dry and cure cannabis which can result in a flat pancake finish. There are also lower end, do it yourself products, with no monitoring devices, not suitable for commercial growers. This product is suitable for commercial and home growers.

  • Growth & Expansion:

    In 2019, 30 million pounds of cannabis were harvested in the United States. If the product captured just 1/30th of the market, or .5 million pounds, the gross revenue generated in one year would exceed the purchase price.

  • Support & Training:

    Owners available to train new owners during a transition period and consult on a longer term basis at market rates.

  • Reason for Selling:

    Owners exiting the industry for a lifestyle change.

  • Contact:

    Clint Sheer – clint@cannabis-brokers.com
    (518) 321-3708

Cannabis Business Brokers currently has a number of private, off-market listings (pocket listings) listings through our licensed affiliations.

  • Pocket listing sold:  Phase 1 City of Los Angeles Dispensary.

Contact Karen Muller at 949-280-3092 or at karen@cannabis-brokers.com for additional information.