Need for Professionalism in an Evolving Industry

Karen Muller founded Cannabis-Business-Brokers in 2018. Cannabis Business Brokers came into being after determining there was a dire need for experienced and licensed business brokers to competently represent medical and recreational cannabis businesses in business sales transactions. Karen and her team knew straight away that the cannabis industry was in dire need of credibility and knowledge of the industry as a whole, not just the segmented vectors of land and commercial real estate brokerage. In addition, numerous unlicensed and untrained “consultants” and finders circulate throughout the industry, in a manner detrimental to the best interest of business owners and purchasers.

As an M&A attorney, Karen has structured a service that is focused on selling complex, highly regulated businesses with competence. A great deal of coordination is required in the sales process in order to facilitate appropriate due diligence, license transfers and price negotiations. Cannabis Business Brokers fosters good communication between well-funded buyers and the operators of the businesses they are looking to procure. Many cannabis industry business owners need assistance when negotiating from outside buyers, and Cannabis Business Brokers strives to ensure a seamless transaction.

The cannabis industry is evolving from a black market to a legal market. Regulations are constantly changing and new ordinances and products appear on the horizon daily. Cannabis Business Brokers strives to stay current on all these fronts and help navigate its clients through the maze of the quickly evolving cannabis industry. Cannabis Business Brokers also offers services for CBD/Hemp businesses and ancillary companies that provide services to the cannabis industry, such as devices, nutrients, lights, etc.

In conclusion, Cannabis Business Brokers is setting the standard for how businesses should be transacted and providing a high level of consultation to make sure the value of the businesses we represent reach their potential and our clients are nothing short of extremely satisfied.

Karen Muller

Karen Muller

CA Licencse #02057185
AZ License # BR687753000
NY License # 10351215829
OK License # 203113
OR License # BR687753000

Karen Muller is a licensed real estate broker in California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Oregon, and New York. She is a licensed attorney in California, New York, Nevada, Florida, and Wisconsin. She is also licensed in California as an insurance broker for life and casualty. She has served as a senior executive, counsel, and director for many public and private companies. She has has over 25 years experience working in the pharmaceutical, telecommunications, and financial services industries. Ms. Muller served as Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel of Orange County based Epoch Networks, Inc., one of the earliest ISPs. Prior to joining Epoch, Ms. Muller was a Managing Director with Lehman Brothers from 1988 to 1999. Ms. Muller headed the corporate counsel department, handling all corporate legal affairs, including board and shareholder matters, public filings, corporate finance, compensation and benefits and numerous M&A transactions. Prior to Lehman Brothers, Ms. Muller was an associate at the Wall Street law firm Cahill, Gordon & Reindel, where she worked on corporate finance and M&A transactions. Ms. Muller graduated Fordham Law School with a J.D., where she was a published member of the law review. She graduated Hunter College of the City University of New York with a B.A. in Economics, summa cum laude.